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My Favorite Albums of 2012

4th December

Here in Clinton my face freezes when I walk to class, which surely means it’s time for end of year lists. I’ve seen a few up already, and I think it’s pretty clear that, of all the great albums released this year, there aren’t any clear front runners like Adele’s 21 from 2011. I had a hard time picking my own top album, although I had no trouble assembling ten worthy albums- I could have added more quite easily.

Relaunching the website.

17th October

Thanks to both hosting issues and a general desire to redo my work I’m totally rebuilding this site from the ground up. I want to make it cleaner, simpler and more useful. Also, as my other blogs have pretty much faded into gentle obscurity out of neglect, I’m going to start using this page as a forum for my writing. I’m going to try to post with some regularity about music, my life and whatever else I please. Stay tuned, and let me know if you have any suggestions for how this webspace should look, feel or function.

“The stars won’t ever wait for you to watch them fall”
-Sam Beam

…Feel like I do.

I feel like I’ve packed about six months of experiences into the past six weeks of my life, and it has stirred up some...

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