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Now Playing: Novacane – Shearwater

10th January

Now Playing is a series that features songs and words that have a particular significance to me,  for some reason.

This afternoon I locked in plans to go to the second weekend of Coachella, and I’ve been giddy about it all day. I’ve been to some great festivals over the past few summers, but I haven’t been to anything this size since Bonnaroo 2009, when I had just graduated high school. My live has changed immeasurably since then, so It’ll be interesting to see if it feels different from the last time I isolated myself from outside society with so many ridiculous people.

Beyond just the general excitement that surrounds the concept of a camping festival, Coachella promises to be an awesome experience on a few different levels.

Obviously, there’s Outkast. For music fans my age, Outkast represents the very last wave of …

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