Link farm: Updated February 9

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Link farm: Updated February 9

I spend a solid amount of time on the internet, and during that time I sometimes find things that I really like. I’m going to start keeping track of them on this post, adding new ones whenever I may.

Added February 9

Twitter: Never underestimate Mastodon

New Yorker: I will always love you Left Shark

Open Culture: I think people forget that jazz cats party the hardest.

 Added January 14

Teamteam: You may know Matt. Matt loves skiing, and now Matt has a skiing website

VPR: This is real. Bernie Sanders made an amazingly goofy album in ’80s, and it includes a reggae interpretation of “This Land Is Your Land”

Added November 7

Imgur: Unquestionably the world’s greatest headline:

Twitter: Digital advertising can be wrought with peril.

Tumblr: They’re starting to post unrelated stuff now, but the basic premise of this is amazing.

Always look on the lobstery side of life:

Added September 26

Twitter: Well, this is why the world needs editors.

Interrobang: This website and story are both just great.

Youtube: I love when Craig goes full on Drunk Uncle:

Added July 15

Vine: As Dr. Kelso always says,  “too much ha ha, pretty soon boo hoo”

Wiki: This thing exists.


Another Gif: Kirby is good at soccer (finder’s credit to @padelfio):

Merriam Webster: I’m obsessed with a few of these symbols. They’re ridiculous and pretty:

YouTube: A fine cover, and some awesome accidental video effects:

Added May 26

Fleet Foxes Sing: I had heard some of these before, but I had no idea there were so many until I discovered the full Tumblr page. A goldmine of music nerd humor.

Wiki: I found this unlikely little chunk of history when I was working on a story a few weeks ago.’s_Battalion

A.V. Club: Game. Of. Goats.

The point of GIFs is to watch them all day right?

Added Feb. 27

Jon Negroni’s Pixar Theory: Some seriously next-level pop cultural thought happening here.

NYT: Some stories are just great.

A.V. Club: This site continues to amaze.

Added Feb. 11

The Onion: Not gonna disagree.,35079/

Reddit: Just some fantastic work. I love the sheer scale of this album.

Deadspin: Good insults dont count as good writing, but these are some damn good insults.

Added Jan 30.

A.V. Club: Someone recut the Her trailer with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Samantha

Relix: This shirt.

A.V. Club: The best possible coverage of Bieber. Nailed it.

Buzzfeed: I love you Buffalo Sauce

Dunno: Yeah sorry Bryz, have a good career.

I could look at these forever:

The Hall of Fame (which you can pause) –

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